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Quality Control

kingwit always pursues the strict quality control. We always believe perfect quality is the only way to develop on. This faith drives us to attach importance to any little minutia of making mould process and continue to educateour employees. The aim of education is to help the employees to enhance the consciousness of quality control,improve craftsmanship and machining arts- crafts. The QC department specializes in checking the workpiece by each step of the mould making process to avoid unwanted mistake.

For each project,we are following the necessary procedure:
1) Mould base checking
2) Cavity steel checking
3) Cavity hardness checking
4) Electrodes measuring
5) Workpiece measuring by process
6) Pre-Assembly checking
7) Inspect sample
9) Mould function checking by testing
10) Mould physical checking

11) Shipment checking



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