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About us

HongKong Kingwit Technology Co., Limited based in Shenzhen China that we are ble to provide one-stop service which included product developing,tooling make,injection,spray,
silkscreen and laser etching etc that support you to be successed based our professinal talents and technology team.
Our services have been involved multiple industry:
1,Car electronic product such as carDVD,car vediorecording etc;
2,lead-acid battery housing and accessaries;
3,terminal jecket;
4,Power bank and electronic product,also we are extending to some midecal plastic parts.
Kingwit has been performing ISO9001 for 6 years to control all of the process stringent from material in-coming until to shipment in the meantime
IATF16949 certification we are applying to perfect and provide the best quality to our customers in car industry.
Kingwit had got severial patents and remain innovation to provide competed product/component to our customer with exellent acknowledgement.
We will keep optimize in designing and invest new equipment to enhance our customers satisfaction.



Contact: Jaspar.Huang

Phone: +86 15622889945

Tel: 0755-36693160

Email: jaspar.huang@kingwit-plastic.com

Add: No.36, Hongying load, Louchun village, Guongming street, Guangming area, Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China

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