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Our service advantage


1, Able to supply ODM & OEM service;

2, ISO9001 for quality system with HIGH PERFORMANCE;

3, One-stop service from design to shipment to make your job easy;

4, 30,000 squarements workship;

5, 34 injection machines and 28 tooling machines;

6, 8 CNC machines;

7, 200 workers with 6 engineers and 10 quality operators;

8, Good service to fix your concerns.



Contact: Jaspar.Huang

Phone: +86 15622889945

Tel: 0755-36693160

Email: jaspar.huang@kingwit-plastic.com

Add: No.36, Hongying load, Louchun village, Guongming street, Guangming area, Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province,China

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